I’m a PhD student in political science at Yale, a graduate of Swarthmore, and the former editor of Political Violence @ a Glance. I’m interested in the intersections of comparative politics, violence, nonviolence, state-building, and governance.

Some of my research projects to date are my undergraduate thesis on civilian self-protection during mass atrocities, a Sentinel Project policy paper on the same topic, my paper on the history of Bolivia’s indigenous politics, and a paper on state-building in the Central African Republic. My work has appeared in the Monkey Cage, Political Violence @ a Glance, the Center for the Prevention of Genocide’s blog, Securing Rights, the Sentinel Project blog, Bolivia Diary, and Smoke & Stir. You can follow me on twitter under the handle @dhirschelburns or look me up on facebook. You can reach me at dannyhirschelburns [at] gmail [dot] com.

I intend for this blog to provide insightful analyses on different approaches to violence, comparative politics, and activism.


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